Hardwood Floors Houston | Houston Hardwood Floors

Hardwood Floors in Houston sales, installation, refinishing, and hardwood floor contractors. Hardwood floors are usually made of oak, either red oak or white oak. Commonly know days that hardwood floors come in all different types of species as well, like Brazillion Cherry, Santos Mahogany, Walnut, and many others and are referred to as hardwood floors as well.  One of the unique qualities of hardwood floors in Houston are that hardwood floors can be nailed or glued down. Hardwood floors in Houston can be refinished up to 4-6 times, depending on why you are refinishing your hardwood floors. For example: If your hardwood floors are just worn out and faded and really you just want to change the color, then that’s pretty basic. Meaning that you don’t have to do any additional sanding to the hardwood floors other than maybe a medium paper and a fine paper which will sand off the old finish and color from your hardwood floors. In that case I say the hardwood floors can be refinished between4-6 times. If your refinishing your hardwood floors in Houston because of water damage and cupping, then that will definitely change the amount of sanding that will be required. You would definitely have to sand the hardwood floors flat first, and believe me sometimes to get it flat you must run a rough paper on a 45 degree angle first. This helps flatten the hardwood floors down, but it doesn’t stop there  then you must sand the hardwood floors with an additional 4 papers just to prepare them for staining. The older hardwood floors in Houston are almost always finished with an old technology called Shellac or Varnish and is extremely hard to remove when refinishing a hardwood floor. Houston wood flooring refinishing is required when the finish or fading of the sheen is deteriorating. Hardwood floors are covered with a plastic layer of polyurethane and that polyurethane acts as a protection much like the skin on your arm protects your body from sickness. Houston refinishing is one of the many services we offer in and around the greater Houston area. Refinishing  wood flooring is not as easy as you may think and the results of diy’s will vary, the way you see the refinishing on TV and other medias in Houston is not always the full picture. We offer free estimates and fast friendly professional Houston wood flooring service’s.

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