Katy Houston Wood Flooring Refinishing | Wood Floors Houston Katy

Wood Flooring Company in Houston that can sand and refinish your older worn out wood flooring in Houston. Robert Aguirre Wood Floor Designs is a full time wood flooring company located in Katy. Although we originally started and originated in Houston Texas and still service the greater Houston areas like West University, Montrose, Bellaire, Houston Heights, Oal Forest, Tangle wood, Memorial, Meyerland, Braeswood areas. For three generations now we have been installing and refinishing wood flooring . Categorized under wood flooring company in Houston we can do complete restorations as well as wood flooring replacements in Houston-Katy. We specialize not only in solid wood flooring but also do many different serves. Like Pre finished wood flooring like , Armstrong, Bruce, Mannington, Hartco, and many others. Laminate floors like Tekno-step, Quick-Step. We do solid wood steps, and risers completely, as well as hand rails and pickets and knuel post replaced and stained. Our services include demo of older wood floors and tile, carpeting. We have the latest dust containment system for all your wood floor refinishing in Houston and Katy. We also cater to modern colors and decors when refinishing wood floors. Like dark browns, root beer colors, reddish dark brown, black Ebony as well. Katy floor refinishing is another title that we market by but just rest assure of knowing that we are the same weather we are in Katy or Houston. Floor refinishing in Katy is now more common know that Katy is growing so much. Like ares like Firethorne, Cinco Ranch, Seven Meadows, and areas like Richmond as well. Al tough there are alot of higher end homes in Katy that have pre-finished floors more than solid floors. With the older areas getting older its allowed for us to refinish more engineered floors in Katy. Wood Floors add a special feature that you cant get from any other type of flooring.

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