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Wood floors and hardwood floors are both durable and reliable. There are lots of manufactures that make wood floors and so many color options and different finishes. Like Bruce, Armstrong,Hartco, Miller, Chickasaw, Shaw, and many more. From pre-finished wood floors to solid hardwood flooring. Some of the advantages to using a prefinished wood floor, is that they only require floor installation. These floors are usally glued down to a concrete substrate then trimmed out . That’s it, in most cases you can move the furniture back on the wood flooring the same day. Although when you have a pre-refinished wood floor installed, there is usally alot of dust not just from the flooring but from the dust that was under the carpet. Any floor preparations required to fix concrete curvature prior to installation. It’s best to try to always do your cutting outside. It shouldn’t be a problem or be more difficult so long as the floors being installed are on the first floor of the home and its not raining outside. All wood flooring should be allowed to acclimate in the home for at least 5 days prior to wood floor installation. Usually just keep the temperature normal as if you are living your day to day life.
Unfinished hardwood flooring is quite different. ¬†Of course once the carpet is picked up you can then check for any curvature correction that must be made to your subfloor. Other wise known as “Prep Work”. Unfinished solid hardwood flooring can be glued but only if you cut the lengths to sizes 18-22 inches which allows the flooring some flexibility as wood flooring will forever expand and contract. The width should not exceed 3 inch when gluing a solid wood floor, as it will be more susceptible to cupping and warping. When gluing a solid wood floor. An epoxy moisture barrier is ¬†recommended and the manufacture usally guarantees there will be no moisture penetration, when applied as directed. After your wood flooring is installed in the direction that you desire then I recommend that the wood floor sets two days before wood flooring to be refinished. One of the most important things to watch for, is the moisture content of your newly installed wood floors or hardwood flooring. Depending on where you may be this will vary but as a rule of thumb usually if your home is an older home then just doing a moisture reading off of your existing wood work like baseboards, doors etc. Making sure that the newly installed wood floor moisture content is the same. I would make sure that you tape off door ways with a plastic sheeting to minimize dust from going throughout your home.

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