Austin Wood Floor Contractors

Local Austin wood floor contractors that have been in the wood floor business for three generations. Wood floor refinishing and wood floor resurfacing. Older wood floors can be refinished up to 5-6 different times. Older homes that were built in the early 1900’s even though they may look old dull and dingy. Believe it or not those wood floors when refinished turn out looking amazing! Older wood floors have a unique and distinguished look. As the older wood floors were longer and had a more uniform color than the wood floors that are sold today. Now days the wood floors are cut and milled so very early because of high demand. Wood floors that are under old linoleum or carpet can be refinished. So if your ready to get rid of that old carpet and restore your wood floors give us a call.
There are all types of wood floors like white oak, red oak, ash, cherry, pine and maple. All of these are considered wood floors and can be refinished. Austin wood floor refinishing and installation contractors services. We are a full time flooring contractor company with the experience and know how to get the job done rite the first time. For the last three generations our family has been successful because of quality, reliability, honesty and integrity. We have lots of satisfied home owners that can tell you themselves. Refinishing wood floors is a timely task not to mention a lot of hard work and a big responsibility. That’s why when we bid our jobs we never just bid to get the jobs but we bid to stay in business and to do good business. As wood floor contractors in Austin we are not the cheapest but we are competitive. As Austin wood floor contractors we cherish on keeping a good name with all of our clients realizing that not all people will be easy to please, and some will need a little more attention than others. We are prepared to spend more time with customers as necessary. We can refinish, restore, refurbish, resurface your older worn out wood floors and make them look amazing. As wood floor contractors in Austin we can also install a new wood floor, your wood or ours. Solid nailed down wood floors, laminate wood floors, Pre finished wood floors and just about any type of exotic wood floor as well. We are wood floor contractors in Austin and we provide the very highest quality dust containment system during the wood floor refinishing process. As wood floor contractors in Austin we also provide custom wood floor installations and stairs-risers. Repairs, touch-ups, maintenance, waxing, polyurethane, wood floor sales. We offer free estimates and our staff is always ready to help answer all of your questions.
Give us a call any time or send us a email request.

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