Austin Wood Floor Refinishing

Hardwood Floor Refinishing is a timely process but with the right know how it can be done fast and easy.I would recommend
hiring a professional because about the time you estimate the cost of renting the hardwood floor refinishing sanders and
edgers and buffers your still not done.You will then need all the sand papers required to do hardwood flooring refinishing
I recommend three different grits for the hardwood floor refinishing sander and edger,36,50,80 and in between 50 and 80
would be the time to either trowel fill the hardwood floor or spot fill the hardwood floor.

after your hardwood floor filler has dried usually in 30-45minutes you can do the final pass over the hardwood floor with
your hardwood floor sander and edger.

Then you need to buff the hardwood floor with a floor buffer to slick it up and this helps take out imperfections that more
than likely are left from the hardwood floor sander and edger,you wanna slick up the hardwood floor nice and even so the
stain will only accept a certain amount thus not leaving the floor all blotchy.

After you have buffed the hardwood floor and are completely finished with your hardwood floor refinishing then you can
apply a coat of stain this is done by doing a two foot section parallel with your hardwood floor,one person will wipe it on with
a cotton rag and the other person will come right behind him drying off the excess stain.Pay attention when your wiping off
the stain that you don’t push your stained rag on to the base boards and door jams.After hardwood floors are stained then
you need to apply a minimum of two coats of oil base polyurethane.One the next day but make sure you vacuum the
hardwood floor before you apply the poly.The third and final day you wanna buff the hardwood floor with a hardwood floor
buffer using a 100 grit screen paper.Going the same direction as your hardwood floor back and fourth but only one pass
make sure you do around the door jams and corner by hand,this will make your newly refinished hardwood floor clean and
smooth,then vacum well and pass over it with some paint thinner on a damp rag that’s damped with paint thinner this will take
up all debris left from your work.

Finally after you are ready to apply the final coat of poly on your hardwood floor take a minute to pray and ask the lord to
please allow all the refinishing to be well and ask your self why didn’t you get a professional to do this,going on apply the
finish the hardwood floor going the same direction as you hardwood floor and work your way out to the front door.Your
done,know all that maybe you should let us do the refinishing to your hardwood floor?

Hardwood floor refinishing is usually cheaper to pay a professional to do it and a whole lot faster,you will find that bout time
you add up all your time money for the equipment and then for the supplies and then the most important thing after you
spent all that time you have the NO approval from the wife.

Give us a call for your hardwood floor refinishing you may need we are professionals in the REFINISHING field you wont be

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

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