Wood floor refinishing, floor installers, Austin, TX


There are many techniques when doing or considering a WOOD FLOOR REFINISHING process and sometimes home owners often try themselves, not knowing the intricate work that is involved. WOOD FLOOR REFINISHING is a timely technique and can often take several of your weekends and lots of your hard earned money trying to do it yourself. We have seen and heard the horror stories when WOOD FLOOR REFINISHING is tried by home owners and there daily laborers. But to cut to the chase you will spend more money by trying to do the WOOD FLOOR REFINISHING yourself. Consider this as quoted to me from one exhausted homeowner/DIY. First based on the money that was spent just renting the equipment at Home Depot, the WOOD FLOOR REFINISHING sander, WOOD FLOOR REFINISHING edger, and the WOOD FLOOR REFINISHING buffer. The FLOOR sander is based on a daily use of approximately $110.00. The WOOD FLOOR edger is at a cost of $50.00 per day and the WOOD FLOOR buffer is at $58.00 .Keep in mind that all these tools need to returned within one day then base the approximate time it will take you to do the WOOD FLOOR REFINISHING. On average figure double the time that it would normally take or base it on a good day if you will. 500 square feet that needs to be refinished usually takes 3 days to complete. So figure 6 days that it will take you times the equipment rate per day. Then figure the cost of all your stains, paint thinners, blue tape, plastics, sand papers, polyurethanes. about $375.-$400.00. Then most of all how much is your time worth ? After you figured this out , let me tell you we can do this job for $2.00 per foot with everything included and with perfection and in only three days. Well the rest is up to you to decide. Because in the end if you don’t like your out come you can call us.

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