We can professionally install any-type of wood floor sand refinish wood floors, design for you custom wood floors & inlays, residential commercial schools offices stages

Dance floors gyms, malls, stores and much more!
We cater to all of  Texas.
We are truly the ones you see in magazines!


Robert Aguirre- Owner

When you need a wood flooring company you can count on to get the job complete on time and on budget, a wood flooring company in Austin that has hands on experience and a wood flooring company that will be there with you even if there are some bumps in the road…. HARDWOOD CREATIONS owner Robert Aguirre for over three generations now has been there and done that. For years now we have been installing all types of hardwood flooring custom installations and has the know how and patience to get the job just the way you want it and would expect it. From jobs that range from $1,500.00 to Jobs we get that are $45,000 quality will always be the same.

Wood floors may just be a flooring product to one, but in my case its a inheritance that I aim to leave to my son& grandson so to us it means building and keeping a good name ALWAYS. Since the summers of working during vacations with my dad and gran dad, it has been a long journey , this is all we do and have ever done. Hardwood flooring is a passionate opportunity I believe that has been passed down to me and building and keeping a good name is what I am about.

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