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Wood Floor Installations and Wood Floor Refinishing in Austin Texas

Hardwood Creations :

Austin Hardwood Floors Installed Hardwood Floor Installation Custom Floor Installations. Hardwood Floor Re Finishing. For professional hardwood flooring installations in your Austin Tx home. We are known professionals in the field of hardwood flooring installations. Having installed hundreds of hardwood floors in and thru out Texas. Some of our finest floor installations work comes from doing real intricate hard wood flooring custom installations and refinishing. Hardwood floors by themselves, are beautiful and add character and warmth to your home. But when you start to add exotic hardwood flooring like Walnut, Brazillion Cherry and then mix in some Travertine Stone, then your on another level. When it comes to finding quality hardwood flooring installation contractors it can be hard if you don’t know where to look. Alot of flooring companies specialize in all sorts of flooring, but we specialize in simply hardwood flooring and pre finished wood flooring. We are a full time wood floor company in Austin that has the know how and direction to get your home the way you want it done. From taking care of all your belongings that go and are part of your home, like furniture, appliances etc. To draping (if necessary) your walls and expensive paintings. We take pride in everything we do and it shows. Wood Floor installations should never be taken lightly as there are so many precautions to be aware of when doing wood floor installations. Proper wood floor floor installations are always a big concern for us and we take every small thing into account. Moisture percentage in the wood floors prior to installations should always be checked and noted. Prior to Installations of wood floors one should always allow for wood floors to acclimate to the normal living conditions of that area of the customers home.

There will always be a specified wood floor technician on site, that can speak and answer all your questions. A wood floor supervisor is always just a phone call away and readily available if needed for major decisions of installations or refinishing. Wood floors are our passion and installations and refinishing the wood floors are a plus. We strive to make your flooring transition a unique, refreshing  experience and a place you can proudly call home.

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